AHI w/Kojo “Easy” Damptey • Jan 21


Tuesday January 21, 2017 • Doors 8:00pm, show 9:00pm
Mills Hardware (95 King St. E., Hamilton)
Tickets: $10 (+SC) advance, $15 at the door / All-Ages
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Few artists leave such an impression that you’ll never forget the exact moment you first heard them. With a voice like “gravel on silk”, Canadian songwriter and independent recording artist AHI (pronounced “eye”) is one of those rare finds. From humble beginnings in Brampton, Ontario, AHI has taken his passion and his guitar over 50,000 miles through the vast woodlands of Canada and across the Atlantic to the brick lanes of London and the highlands of Ethiopia, and his passionate live performances have captivated audiences at every turn. Along the way, AHI has recorded with leading acoustic sessions Ont’ Sofa (London), Hauskonzerte (Münich), Cardinal Sessions (Köln), Southern Souls (Toronto), SOFAR Sounds (Nashville), Rockstone Sessions (Netherlands) and more. AHI returned to find his Indie Soul EP (2014) on CBC Radio One’s top 10 Toronto records of the year, and his stunning rendition of Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’ featured on the official BobMarley.com website with a personalized note from Mrs. Rita Marley herself – an unparalleled experience for an artist who cites Bob Marley as his greatest musical inspiration. AHI has since been recognized and awarded by the Toronto Arts Council, Folk Music Ontario, Nashville Songwriters Association International, the Songwriters Association of Canada, and the Canada Council for the Arts, and he is a Top 10 Finalist of the 2017 Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class, establishing him as one of Canada’s top emerging songwriters. With the release of his debut album, We Made It Through The Wreckage, AHI blends folk, soul and rock to deliver a performance worthy of a seasoned vocal powerhouse. AHI’s voice will stop you in your tracks, but it’s his timeless songs that will hold you there and leave you wanting more.

Kojo “Easy” Damptey is a Afro Soul music producer, song writer, keyboardist, composer and poet, born and raised in Accra, Ghana. He currently resides in Canada writing, composing and producing songs with various artists in Canada and around the world. His debut record Daylight Robbery earned a 2015 Hamilton Music Award for Pop Record of the Year.

Fortunate Ones • Dec 16


Friday December 16, 2016 • Doors 7:00pm, show 9:30pm
Mills Hardware (95 King St. E., Hamilton)
Tickets: $10 (+SC) advance, $15 at the door
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Fortunate Ones is a Canadian pop-folk duo made up of singer/guitarist Andrew James O’Brien and singer/pianist/accordion player Catherine Allan – endearing audiences with wide-eyed energy, pragmatic optimism, and an earnest mission for connection. Andrew and Catherine grew up on opposite sides of the island of Newfoundland – Mount Pearl and Corner Brook respectively. It was in St. John’s where the pair met and began to sing together. One night in 2010, Andrew heard Catherine sing harmony with her brother at a private gathering in downtown St John’s. He had to sing with her. The next day he got up the nerve, left her a note, she acquiesced, and within 48 hours they were singing together on stage. While it was a road from that evening to the formation of Fortunate Ones in 2013, their beginnings are in keeping with one of the core messages they carry. That sometimes the most important decision you can make is to just say YES.

From a musical family, the Allan home was a constant eclectic flow of instruments, singing and the stereo. Catherine studied classical piano, taught herself guitar in secret, and discovered the accordion by chance when her brother brought one home over Christmas in 2011. Musical exploration was the norm. After moving to St. John’s, Catherine’s induction to the East Coast music scene was rapid – performing with Andrew, recording and touring extensively with JUNO award-winning songwriter Amelia Curran, and appearing at festivals with Curran and East Coast songwriter Don Brownrigg.

Andrew James O’Brien launched his music career with a well-received solo album Songs for Searchers (2011) – nominated for Best Pop Recording at the 2012 East Coast Music Awards. He toured heavily in Canada and the UK, opening for artists such as Sharon Shannon and Paul Brady. Catherine accompanied him. It was on a UK tour that they realized the direction their collaboration was taking. The appreciation shown by UK audiences bolstered the pair’s sense of purpose. Their music began to evolve to represent both of their sensibilities, skills and sounds.

“We put a name on something that was naturally occurring, and then we took steps to follow it up. We would share equal duties vocally, musically, and conversing with the audience. It wasn’t Andrew James O’Brien with Catherine Allan anymore – it was already Fortunate Ones.”

Plain and simple, they consider themselves fortunate to pursue their dreams. Their name reflects shared experience with audiences. It is about connecting people of all kinds, to make strangers friends, to elicit feelings of joy, hope, sadness, and contemplation – and the spirit that we are all in this together.

Johnson Crook w/Chris Altmann • Dec 17


Saturday December 17, 2016 • Mills Hardware (95 King St. E., Hamilton)
Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30pm  • All-Ages
Tickets: $10.00 (+SC) advance, $15 at the door

Noel Johnson, Jared Craig and brothers Nathan and Trevor Crook are Johnson Crook, a four-piece roots rock/country band based in Toronto. With rich, four-part vocal harmonies, fiery guitar-driven performances, and a collection of songs spanning love, heartache, and self-discovery it is clear that Johnson Crook has grown out of the musical heritage established by artists such as The Eagles and The Band. On a mission to create memorable, well-crafted music with a genuine, timeless appeal, and to connect with the audience through the sound and energy of their live shows, Johnson Crook has been busy playing across Canada gaining fans along the way. Having released their first single, “Minnedosa” in June 2016, their full length self-titled debut album produced by Bill Bell (Jason Mraz, Tom Cochrane, Justin Nozuka, Danko Jones), will be released in 2017.

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chris Altmann released his third solo album, Renaissance Man, in February of this year through Ridin’ High Records.  Written between trips to Nashville and recorded in his century-old home in Canada, this low-fi colleciton of pedal steel driven rock n’ roll reflects on change, personal loss, and moving on. Originally from the Adelaide Hills, Australia, Altmann now resides in Canada.  Along his journey he has embraced many musical styles; from his country-rock tinged group The Drowners, to the more modern pop/rock sound of The Vandas, and on to a solo career steeped in early 1970s Americana. He’s also in demand as a session player, appearing on dozens of roots recordings, and performing with many artists including Henry Wagons, Tim Hicks, and Suzannah Espie.

Wonder & Awe: The Magic of Brandon Love • Dec 2


Friday November 25, 2016 • Doors 7:00pm, show 8:00pm • 19+
Mills Hardware (95 King St. E., Hamilton)
Cover: Pay What You Can 

More than just a magic show, Wonder & Awe: The Magic of Brandon Love is an experience you’ll want to be a part of. Brandon’s unique brand of magic has been performed around the world leaving audiences delighted and awestruck. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Wonder & Awe! This is a Pay What You Can event — there is no ticket price, but your contributions are welcome at the door!

Spencer Burton w/Marine Dreams • Nov 25


plus DJ Aerlie Wild
Friday November 25, 2016 • Doors 7:00pm, show 9:30pm
Mills Hardware (95 King St. E., Hamilton)
Tickets: $10 (+SC) advance, $15 at the door
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Spanning a musical life with hardcore beginnings (Attack in Black), to the somber strings of his acoustic guitar in the realm of country-folk (Grey Kingdom) and collaborative years of writing and performing live in City and Colour, Spencer Burton is a mainstay musical virtuoso. Co-produced by his longtime friend and collaborator, Dan Romano, Don’t Let The World See Your Love pulls from the southern sounds of folk and country of yore, like a tired old soul’s night at the Opry with more contemporary melodic musings. A new album recorded in Nashville with Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Langhorne Slim, Promised Land Sound) will be released in January 2017.

Ian Daniel Kehoe is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer living in Toronto, Ontario. His four albums as Marine Dreams display an astonishingly rapid evolution of a writer and producer, driven by a desire for self-sufficiency toward an uncommon maturity. Flush with the spirit of our communal and most classic melodies, ancient and eternal, his music and poetry is for pop lovers and rock and rollers alike.

Lindy Vopnfjörð w/Wax Mannequin • Nov 18

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.06.40 AM

Friday November 18, 2016 • Doors 7:00pm, show 8:30pm
Mills Hardware (95 King St. E., Hamilton)
Tickets: $10 (+SC) advance, $12 at the door
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Born into the Icelandic community in Manitoba, Lindy Vopnfjörð started his music career early. By four, he was singing cautionary songs about nuclear war and traveling around with his musician parents and extended family in a bus. Lindy’s 2013 album Young Waverer garnered heaps of critical accolades, including a string of hit singles on CBC Radio. His follow-up and sixth album, the just-released Frozen In Time, showcases a more refined songwriter, capturing courageous stories of freedom champions, Vikings, and the love for his beloved wife. The upcoming record was produced by Todor Kobakov (Lights, Metric, Stars, Dan Mangan) and features contributions from artists in Canada, America and Iceland, including additional help on guitar from Whitehorse’s Luke Doucet.

Lindy’s storied history as an Icelandic-Canadian folk artist is well-documented. Born into a family of folk singers, he spent his formative years touring Canada, singing traditional Icelandic songs to the delight of many. Over the years, he has continued to reinvent himself to both critical and commercial success: in the iconic Victoria-based band Northern Junk, and his Toronto big noise indie rock group, Major Maker. Most recently, Lindy has revolved to the stripped down folk sound that has endeared him to audiences. Using only his voice and guitar, Lindy now writes songs in the storytelling vein of troubadours that have come before him. His songs tell tales of harrowing escapes from North Korea, to time unjustly spent in a prison in India. He works closely with survivors and heroes from around the world to craft uniquely personal songs, anchored by the weight of true life events. This Western Icelandic-Canadian “Gentle Giant” is not to be missed.

Wax Mannequin was born in the smoke and industry of Hamilton; a damaged, underdog town; a perfect breeding ground for strange, variant things. Incorporating folk, scrappy prog-metal and a tireless creative ethic, Wax infused his local influences with road-broken experience to forge something new. Solo (accompanied by heavy devices and an angry, nylon-string guitar) or band-backed, Wax Mannequin has toured incessantly within Canada over the past several years, with more recent forays into Europe and Australia.  Oblivious to the trend and trap of the big cities and the cultural propaganda machines, Wax Mannequin now finds himself a forerunner in a strange new movement: roaming recluses and attention-seekers — solo-performers, equipped with laptops, damaged instruments and decaying minivans, making new sounds, informed by hard travel and rough living. Like a lost collaboration between Nick Drake and Edward Gorey, or the ghost of Freddie Mercury channelled by Crispin Glover, Wax’s thought-provoking live performances and acclaimed recordings have garnered the fervent support of the creative underclass in his home country as well as a burgeoning international reputation.

The PussyCat Lounge Literary Salon • Nov 19


Saturday November 18, 2016 • Doors 7:00pm • 19+
Mills Hardware (95 King St. E., Hamilton)
Tickets: $10 (+SC) advance & door
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The PussyCat Lounge is a literary salon for queer women & their friends – all are welcome. Featured guests are Nairne Holtz & Beth Murch. Michael Simlais deejaying.

Nairn Holtz began her writing career in the early 90s with the creation of a queer kinky punk porn ’zine, Pornorama, that generated sales and mail from around the world and interesting personal adventures. A straight couple who ran a fetish group offered to back her financially and elevate Pornorama to magazine status. She pooh-poohed this offer she didn’t think was terribly practical: “Thanks, that’s sweet, but I’m going to library school.” Today she is a librarian and author of two books: The Skin Beneath (Insomniac, 2007), which was shortlisted for Quebec’s McAuslan Prize and This One’s Going to Last Forever (Insomniac, 2009), a Lambda Literary Award finalist. Her new novel, Femme Confidential, will be published in the fall of 2017.

Debra Anderson is the recipient of the Writers’ Trust of Canada’s Dayne Ogilvie Prize for Emerging LGBT Writers. Her work has been anthologized in Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme, Brazen Femme: Queering Femininity, Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians. Herizons Magazine described her novel, Code White (McGilligan, 2005) as “…a book that meets your eye, has a good handshake, and looks killer in a pair of fishnets.”

Beth Murch is a village wyse womyn, radical reproductive justice activist, birth worker, and nationally competing spoken word artist. She has performed across Canada and in the United States, creating and disturbing peace with her literary craft. A lone, tender-yet-fierce voice that speaks of love, spirituality, feminism, female sexuality, mental health, and loneliness, Murch’s humour and vulnerability lingers with audiences. Her passions include placentae, memento mori, cat memes, herbalism, and religious kitsch.

Duotang • Dec 9


Friday December 9, 2016 • Doors 8:00pm, show 10:30pm
Mills Hardware (95 King St. E., Hamilton)
Tickets: $12 (+SC) advance, $15 at the door
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Duotang is Rod Slaughter on bass/vox and Sean Allum on drums. Pure and simple. Formed in the summer of 1995, this 2-piece powerhouse’s brand of upbeat mod-rock and post-punk quickly carved out an impressive notch in the Canadian indie music scene. In March of 96’ (just one short year later) Duotang signed to famed Vancouver independent record label (and good buds) Mint Records. Over the next five years, Duotang released three critically acclaimed albums: Smash the Ships & Raise the Beams (1996), The Cons and the Pros (1998) and The Bright Side in 2001. All three topped the Canadian campus and community radio charts and allowed Duotang to tour extensively across Canada, the United States and Europe. They shared the stage across Canada with The English Beat, landed the cover of Exclaim! magazine and in 2002, won the Prairie Music Award for Best Video for “The Evidence Comes From All Directions”. In 2002. the duo decided to take a quick break from their 7 year whirlwind career – a break that somehow ended up lasting for 12 years.

In December 2014, at the request of Mint Records, they reunited for a wild anniversary show in Vancouver and followed it up with a sold-out hometown show in Winnipeg. With renewed vim, vigor and crop of new songs, the duo went on to play to capacity crowds at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival, Calgary’s Sled Island, NXNE and Edmonton’s UP&DT Festival. And now, filled with a renewed passion and 15 years of pent up artistic creativity, comes Duotang’s latest offering, New Occupation. Opening with a tongue-in-cheek ode to the reunion, “Nostalgia’s a Vice”, the 12-track album is the group’s best material to date. Other notable tracks include the sing-along “Karma Needs to Come Around”, the rocking “Bastard Five” and the mod-influenced “A Suitable Distraction”. Simple, honest and extremely charming, Duotang’s new album marks a dramatic return to form from this exceptional Canadian band.

Echo Artist Talks: Jody Joseph • Nov 17

IMG_0368 (1)

Thu Nov 17, 2016 / 7:00pm doors, 7:30pm talk / Free

Chicago-born, Dundas-based painter-collagist Jody Joseph talks about her paintings and collages rooted in the quarter-century she has spent as an student, painter, teacher & resident of  Montecastello di Vibio, a small hill town in Umbria, Italy. The works form the exhibition Montecastello a Memoria, running Nov 18-Dec 18 at Gallery on the Bay.  

Echo Artist Talks is a project of the Hamilton Arts Council’s Visual Arts Committee that provides a forum for both local and visiting artists exhibiting in Hamilton galleries to share their experiences with the local community. Hosted monthly at Mills Hardware, each talk includes a Q&A session and opportunity for informal networking before and after the talk, with a cash bar available. Doors open at 7pm in advance of the start of the artist’s talk at 7:30pm.

The next Echo Artist Talk, featuring sculptor Paul Cvetich, will take place Thursday January 19, presented by the McMaster Museum of Art.

Plants and Animals w/Harlow • Dec 4


Sunday December 4, 2016 • Doors 7:00pm, show 8:00pm
Mills Hardware (95 King St. E., Hamilton)
Tickets: $25 (+SC) advance, $32 at the door
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Plants and Animals are a Montreal-based trio that began playing together as kids, emerged on the international scene in 2008 and have developed a varied cult following ever since, built this on the shoulders of their self-produced records, their intense live show, or both—depending on who you ask. Waltzed in from the Rumbling (released April 29, 2016 on Secret City Records) is their first album in nearly four years. It is Plants and Animals’ most soulful and inventive collection of music yet. Eleven soundtracks for leaps taken, ships sailed, dark water and pink skies.

Bluesy alt-rockers Harlow stepped onto the local scene with the release of their debut EP Unsatisfied in June 2016. The Hamilton-based four-piece, features sincere, heartfelt lyrics, smouldering female vocals, and chugging guitar riffs against a driving rhythm section, captured on tracks like “Better Off Alone“.