BODY DBL w/Dizzy Spells • Apr 26, 2019


Friday Apr 27, 2019

Doors 7:00PM, Show 8:00PM
Tickets: $10 (+SC) adv., $12 doors • 19+

BODY DBL‘s roots lie in punk rock and musical theatre which can be heard in their anthemic power pop songs and witnessed in their wild live shows. Expect risqué dance moves, unexpected smooches and booty shaking when BODY DBL hit the stage.


Dizzy Spells capture the realities of contemporary, modern life through sardonically bent quips, musings on the anxiety of time, finding happiness, interconnectivity, and the inevitable finality of death. Their lyrics are interlaced with jumpy, skittering guitar lead switchabouts by David Appleyard and Benjamin Schillaci, crunchy kraut-like bass by Ryan Fisher, asymmetrical, schizoid drum playing by Zach Vernon, and Damon Guyett’s moody, form-fitting keyboards.

Mappe Of w/Scott Orr • Apr 25, 2019


Thursday Apr 25, 2019
Doors 7:00PM, Show 8:00PM
Tickets: $15 (+SC) adv., $20 doors • 19+

A young Canadian piecing his life together on the other side of the world. A German vagabond clutching a glowing orb in a hippie town in Australia, having disavowed all family ties. An old man dying slowly of Alzheimer’s who can’t recognize his own family. A troubled boy burning his family’s home to the ground. All these characters populate the debut album by Mappe Of, an ethereal avant-folk tour de force that belongs to no time or place. Or perhaps not even of this Earth, judging by the range of haunting vocal textures or some of the interstellar synths that intertwine with trumpets, violins, kalimba, autoharp, and Mappe Of’s own intricate guitar playing. There is no traditional drum kit. No finite template of instrumentation. Maybe the less you know about the man behind the curtain, the more you’ll lose yourself in the music. “I’d like the music to be grounded in reality while simultaneously feel like it’s from somewhere else,” says the sonic architect behind what will be known to the world as Mappe Of. So he scoured up some equipment and set up shop in his friend’s basement in a sleepy university town; she played violin, flute and anything else she had lying around. In the wee hours of the night, she’d sneak him into the studio of the college’s recording arts program, where he’d twiddle knobs until dawn. The administration eventually found out and told him to cease and desist. You’ll notice they’re not credited in the album’s liner notes. He is still a young man; his lyrics are about reckoning with one’s destiny and past, with balancing one’s own mental health with that of loved ones, and the capacity to love. “A handful of these songs are about struggling with putting your weight on another individual, asking them to bear burdens that you can’t,” he muses. “Some are stories I’ve collected over the years from the perspective of others, some are my own firsthand experiences. All of them contain events and emotions that felt universal, but present themselves in unique ways.”


Motherhood w/Gianna Lauren • Apr 12, 2019


Friday Apr 12, 2019
Doors 7:00PM, Show 8:00PM
Tickets: $12 (+SC) adv., $15 doors • 19+

A trio of deep-thinkin’ rippers, New Brunswick’s Motherhood achieve one very rare and uncomplicated feat: they sound EXCITING on record and stage alike. Unlike so many awkward experiments by peers and ‘adventurous’ contemporary rock outfits, Motherhood’s music explodes with the kind of charm and exuberance you can’t just order. No, it’d take years of late nite couch-crumpled conversations, bathroom stall barfs and parking lot laughter to achieve the kind of chemistry these three exude.  Since their 2013 debut LP Diamonds and Gold, Motherhood’s style has walked a twisted path and meandered from anthemic hooks to darker, grimier riffs, and a much more angular and eclectic sound. Described as widely as avant-country, circus punk or black metal fusion, the band has settled reluctantly on art-rock as a catch-all. But as their genre remains illusory, their aesthetic is palpable – if you get comfortable, you deserve to be duped. If we’re calling this art rock, it’s because, in 2019, commitment is a precious art indeed. And make no mistake, Motherhood is all about commitment. Brydon Crain (guitar, vocals), Penelope Stevens (bass, keys, vocals) and Adam Sipkema (drums) have been linking arms and running into rock n’ roll oblivion repeatedly for the past eight years. Like cowpunk without the jadedness, dust rock without the drymouth; a thinkin’ people’s union for the fearless 21st.

“dark like black boot mud” – Sappy Times       

“exciting and completely unpredictable” – Grid City Magazine

“a tumultuous tumbleweed of country-laced, spitfire rock ’n’ roll, a cathartic circus wrapped in a sheen of heartfeltly-howled emotional hooks” – AUX


Originally calling Alberta and Ontario home, now-Halifax songwriter Gianna Lauren is a project of atmosphere, guitars, and warm voices. Lush arrangements and measured vocals create a haunting ambiance. Moving Parts is a compelling testament to a band’s chemistry and dedication. Operating a band with 2000km distance in-between members equals a great deal of moving parts. With Lauren in Halifax and the rest of the band in 3 different cities in Ontario, regularly seeing one another and working together wasn’t always easy. As opposed to their previous collaboration which was recorded live-off-the-floor in a couple of days, Moving Parts was recorded in 3 studios, 2 provinces, and sporadically over 5 months. Over 4 years following the release of On Personhood, the band grew apart, took on other projects, pursued other opportunities, making it more and more challenging to come together. As a result of scheduling conflicts, Lauren hesitated to release the album at all. “The challenges to making this band work forced me to re-think whether this band should even be supporting an album,” Lauren says. “So I buried it.” The band is J.J. Ipsen (Hayden, J.J. Ipsen and the Paper Crown), Justin Nace (Andy Shauf, The Wooden Sky, Jenn Grant), and Marshall Bureau (Jill Barber, Great Lake Swimmers). Each song on Moving Parts channels a measured but mighty groove, to psych-folk on the catchy NPR-embraced “Mistakes” and the techno-punk inspired “Innkeeper.” Lauren’s signature idle vocal cadence is particularly highlighted on “Will You Come” and the dreamy reverb-soaked “Death & Beauty.” Despite the album’s darker material, the band warms up with tropical tones on the downbeat “Tricks.” “Take It Slow” was recorded live-off-the-floor with Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant) moments after Lauren got the news that one of her mentors was jogging hit by a car and killed, but the lyrics tell the story of Lauren’s grandfather’s demise of an early and tragic death. This heartbreaking moment is instilled in the recording. Throughout the changing temperatures of Moving Parts, the band maintains a cohesive state of marvel and Lauren’s voice maintains a cool assurance, delicate but showcasing a new kind of vigour.

“Gianna’s songs are delicate and somber, yet hopeful. She channels the spirits of early Joni Mitchell and contemporary P.J. Harvey.” – Earshot Online

“…songs are writ large with atmospheric sounds that give a heavy mood to observations on life and love in the time of technology.” – Ottawa Citizen

“Equal parts Cocteau Twins, Beth Orton and Sufjan Stevens, this gauzy leadoff track [‘Become What You Can’tBe’} to one of the season’s most intriguing albums is notable for a sonic template that’s unusually adventurous, especially for a singer-songwriter album.” – Toronto Star

Ellevator + Basement Revolver • Apr 6, 2019


Saturday Apr 6, 2019
Doors 7:00PM, Show 8:00PM
Tickets: $15 (+SC) adv. • 19+

Good music seems instantaneous: a decisive rush of expression and dopamine. Hamilton, Ontario’s Ellevator captures that direct hit of immediacy, with a closer listen revealing the meticulous design of their muscular pop songs. Frontwoman Nabi Sue Bersche delivers raw lyricism with quiet power. Her nimble melodies anchor the electric hooks and cinematic timbres Ellevator has refined on countless stages. Their striking debut EP, recorded in Hamilton with Michael Keire (Arkells, The Dirty Nil, Wildlife), was released in the Spring of 2018 by Arts & Crafts. Brick by brick, Ellevator has built a reputation as a band to watch. Ellevator is Mike Boyd, Elliott Gwynne, Nabi Sue Bersche & Tyler Bersche.


Bringing together the talents of Chrisy Hurn (vocals, guitar), Jonathon Malström (guitar), Nimal Agalawatte (bass, synth) and Brandon Munro (drums), Hamilton, Ontario’s Basement Revolver‘s ascent to the spotlight has been a steady trajectory, from the breakout success of their debut single “Johnny”  through to their first full-length, Heavy Eyes. There’s an air of weariness pervading the album, with the sleepy title Heavy Eyes summing up a general exhaustion right down to the bone, as well as hinting at a heavier direction as they deftly merge ’90s infused indie rock with fuzzy dreamy pop and poignant, yearning lyrics. In a relatively short time, Basement Revolver have successfully encapsulated the yearning and hopefulness of their generation, whilst harnessing a unique, yet familiar soundscape.

Saukrates • Apr 5, 2019

Soul House Live Presents
Friday Apr 5, 2019
Doors 7:00PM, Show 8:00PM
Tickets: $18 (+SC) adv., $30 door • 19+

Saukrates arrived on the hip-hop scene of the early ’90s, a post-Native Tongues rapper and producer who pioneered the Canadian hip-hop scene. He has been awarded multiple JUNO nominations for Best Rap Recording and through his career has collaborated with the likes of Drake, Nelly Furtado, Nas, Common, Redman, and Xzibit. A fixture in the top-tiers of the Canadian hip-hop scene, he is present as a rapper or producer on almost every Canadian major label hip-hop release over the past 20 years. Providing the likes of K-os, Swollen Members, Jully Black, Rascalz, Kardinal Offishal, and Choclair with his unique style of rapping and production that has become synonymous with the Torontonian hip-hop sound. Recently he has maintained his prevalence working with the best of the new breed of Canadian rappers such as: Classified, Shad, Tre Mission, Son Real, and OB O’Brien. The co-founder of Capitol Hill Music, and lead singer of the hip-hop/R&B group Big Black Lincoln, he is also a member of Redman’s Gilla House collective.  With an ear for music (classically trained in the violin and cello) and a head for business, Saukrates was fed on the late-’80s and early-’90s rap styles of Special Ed, De La Soul, and the Native Tongues movement. 

Re.verse takes you on a vibrant instrumental journey through classic and current urban anthems — hip hop, R&B, future funk, breaks, neo-soul, trap, house, tropical – unforgettable gems that have paved our music’s past, blended with beats that are now shaping our present and future, all recreated in a way you’ve never quite heard by a live band before. Treating their one of a kind trio of drums, 6-string electric bass and guitar (or occasionally keys) as much like a seamless DJ set as they do a live concert, Re.verse is constantly refining and diversifying their signature sound. With years of practice blending and mashing up familiar hits and deeper cuts on the fly while lacing their sets with spontaneous freestyle beats they make up on the spot, re.verse weaves in and out of genres and eras with ease, using their deep knowledge of jazz and improvisation to help connect the dots and draw parallels between sounds both similar and diverse. With a comprehensive ever-growing catalogue of 120+ hand-picked covers, they always manage to capture the essence of timeless songs while reworking them as unique adaptations that carry their unmistakeable instrumental flavour. Re.verse delivers an extraordinary live music experience that will captivate any audience, but also let’s you zone in or out as you please, keeping the flow smooth and the vibe intriguing without skipping a beat. Re.verse is: Damian Matthew (six-string electric bass), Robb Cappelletto (electric guitar) and Chino De Villa (drums).

Mike Edel w/Gareth Inkster • Apr 3, 2019


Wednesday Apr 3, 2019
Doors 7:00PM, Show 8:00PM
Tickets: $12 (+SC) adv., $15 doors • 19+

“What is the future, if this is now?” asks Canadian-born Mike Edel on his latest single. This question, echoing throughout groove of the song “Challenger,” similarly echoes throughout Edel’s entire record, produced by Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla.   Thresholds is a compelling departure for Edel and after adopting a consistency is boring mantra and a tireless year in the studio, Edel’s sound has evolved and this is his most intriguing album yet. From the radio rocker ‘Houdini’ to the indie-pop chiller ‘Go With You’ and with the CBC Music Top 10, thirties are the new twenties anthem “31,” Edel presents stand-alone singles that present a uniform theme throughout the 10-song effort. After two million cumulative streams across major platforms, being in rotation on CBC Music, AAA Radio across the United States, and on Sirius XM’s The Loft; after playing hundreds of shows including Rifflandia Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival, Regina Folk Festival, Victoria International Jazz Festival, and Upstream Music Festival; after sharing the stage with Serena Ryder, Foy Vance, Said The Whale and Josh Garrels; and after splitting his time between Seattle, WA and the mountains of British Columbia and getting married, Edel is taking his music in particular and his life in general across a threshold, through an open door, and into the unknown.

For the past year and a half, Gareth Inkster has been gradually establishing himself as a regular in the Hamilton music scene. Having spent the better part of a decade performing extensively with many local artists, he has now focused his attention on his own act. The result is comprised of three singles and an EP, to date,  as well as a second EP slotted for later in 2019. Having mixed up their live arrangement, Inkster, along with his band, have achieved a tight, vibey, yet high-energy set which has been garnering high praise with each showing. It’s early days for this ensemble, but the future is more than promising.

Idioteque • Mar 30, 2019


Saturday Mar 30, 2019
Doors 7:00PM, Show 8:00PM
Tickets: $12 (+SC) adv., $15 doors • 19+

Founded in 2010, Idioteque sees some of Toronto’s best and busiest musicians dare to take on Radiohead’s most challenging material and all the classic hits, accurately recreating true-to-recorded versions, spanning all of Radiohead’s studio albums, plus some B-sides and rarities. Having gained a huge following in a very short time, and selling out the majority of shows they play, Idioteque blows audiences away with their high-energy performances, attention to detail, and passion for the music. Idioteque has also presented several special projects, including performing the entirety of ‘OK Computer’ for its 20th anniversary, all of ‘In Rainbows’ for its 10th anniversary, a tribute to the ’90s “MTV Unplugged” series, featuring all-acoustic arrangements and a string quartet, and much more. Idioteque is  Don Scott (lead vocals, guitar),  Jessica Stuart (guitar, vocals), Charles Tilden (guitar, vocals),  Teri Parker (keyboards), Liam Smith (bass) and Ernesto Cervini (drums, vocals).

Music Trivia Night • Last Tuesdays



Hosted by Sonja Maurin, Mills Hardware’s Music Trivia Night is a solid jam — packed with skill-testing music trivia, bonkers fun, great prizes and awesome times. Assemble your team and join us on the last Tuesday of every month. 7:30pm doors, 8:00pm trivia. Free to play! Sponsored by Because Beer Craft Beer Festival and presented by Hub of the Hammer.

Upcoming Events



THU AUG 8 Mariel Buckley & Her Band $12 (+SC) adv., $15 doors | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

SAT AUG 10 Silvertone Hills + New Mother Nature $15 (+SC) adv. | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

SAT AUG 17 Lost Cousins + Bandicoots $13 (+SC) adv., $15 doors | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

THU AUG 22 Neon Dreams $15 (+SC) adv., $18 doors | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

FRI AUG 23 Wooly Mantis + Shy Harry + The Ollivanders $15 (+SC) adv., $20 doors | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

SUN AUG 25 Hamilton City of Music Showcase Free | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+


THU SEPT 5 Sarah Jane Scouten Nigel Wearne $15 (+SC) adv., $20 doors | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

SAT SEPT 7 The Midnight Echo + Charlie Mauve  $12 (+SC) adv., $15 doors | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

THU SEPT 19 Chris Cresswell + Chuck Coles $12 (+SC) adv., $15 doors | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

FRI SEPT 20 MoonTricks + Sparkee $12 (+SC) adv., $15 doors | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

SAT SEPT 21 Tommy Youngsteen Pays Tribute to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers $18 (+SC) adv., $20 doors | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+


THU OCT 5 Jake Clemons $25 (+SC) adv., $30door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

THU OCT 17 Old Man Luedecke $20 (+SC) adv., $25 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+


SUN NOV 3 Kim Churchill $18 (+SC) adv., $20 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

THU NOV 7 An Evening with Daniel Champagne $20 (+SC) adv., $25 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

TUE NOV 12 The East Pointers $21 (+SC) adv., $25 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+

WED NOV 20 Charly Bliss $20 (+SC) adv., $25 door | 7pm doors, 8pm show | 19+


SUN DEC 4 The Once $25 (+SC) adv., $30 door | 8pm doors, 8:30pm show | 19+


The Be Sharps • Feb 16, 2019



Saturday February 16, 2019
Doors 7:00PM, Show 8:00PM
Tickets: $10 (+SC) advance • 19+

The Be Sharps is a perfectly cromulent tribute to The Simpsons, playing all the hits from Evergreen Terrace — an evening of songs in the key of Springfield, from Canyonero to Kamp Krusty.

Gareth Inkster is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. Having spent the past six years recording extensively for other various local artists, he recently released his debut single, “Last Year”, the title track to his first full-length album. A sonic tip of the hat to many of his influences, Last Year offers listeners eclectic mix of musical styles.